1. What length is your Airstream? I have a 23 foot Silver Streak. I’d like to do some extended trips, we are retired and could it any time, so I thought maybe a month at a time, rather than one long trip. It would just be my wife and myself. I’m thinking, on your budget, that you simply under budgeted the food expense. I have charged all our food for a while now, on my card, so I could easily track that expense. It’s amazing just what you spend on food these days. We cook most meals and only go out, less than once a week, but still.
    Wayne Evans
    Houston, Tx

    • Hi Wayne, glad to hear you and your wife are considering some extended trips. We’re pulling a 21′ Airstream with a single axle. It weighs roughly 4,000 pounds fully loaded. Here are some photos and other info about the Airstream.

      We very much underestimated the food category. In reality, our food consumption closely matches what we spent when living in a house. I just got a little overeager when budgeting, thinking that we could shave a bunch of expenses if we avoided restaurants and coffee shops. It turns out we can’t / don’t. We still eat at just as many restaurants as we did when living in a house, and that is dinging the heck out of our budget.

      Thanks for the comment.

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